Cellmax - ultra high gain antene

 Microdata - F Conditioning and PIM Test & Measurement solutions, combiners, filters, TMA

Ranlytics - RF monitoring

Fimo - fastening devices for telecommunications: cable clamps, wall entries, grounding kits, seals, cable fixings FIMO Katalog

Calzavara -  telecommunication infrastructures implemented in high-profile urban settings

Roxtec - modular-based transits used for cable sealing and pipe sealing in numerous demanding industries

 Coiler - RF Repeaters for in-door coverage, RF instruments, IoT software, 5G Private Networks, and Site Survey applications

Raycap - FTTA/PTTA solutions, a  global manufacturer and supplier of electrical protection, connectivity, and power management solutions for telecommunications

 Kaelus - PIM test & measurement solutions, RF conditioning, combiners, filters, TMA

Spinner -connectors, jumpers, adapters, multiplexers, attenuators, Broadcast equipment...

Maven - wireless coverage, in-building, metros, tunnels, stadiums, buildings and more.

 Clampco Sistemi- obstruction lighting systems for several markets

 3Z Telecom - antenna alignment and monitoring products for panel, microwave and small cell antennas

OBSTA - OBSTA, a subsidiary of CITEL group is part of an industrial group that engineers, manufactures and sells obstruction lights for transmission lines, telecom and broadcast towers.