Piletic Ltd. has started 1990.

as distributer of electronic, electromechanical components and radiocommunication equipment. 

We are focused on following applications:

-mobile telephony, WDSC, tunnelling (antennas, coaxial cables, connectors and complete cable assemblies and cable entry systems (CES))
-telecommunications (over-voltage protection and data and signal transmission) -
- measurement and measurement equipment (electricity meters etc.)
- regulatory techniques


Office in Slovenia is established!

Piletić Elektronik d.o.o.
Maistrova 6
8250 Brežice



Office in Serbia is established!

Piletić d.o.o. Beograd
Uroša Martinovića 29 (A Blok)
11070 Novi Beograd


Piletic Ltd. is a representative of the producers of different electronic and electromechanical components and the distributor of these in the field of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia. >> more


Piletic Ltd. provides customers not only a wide range of products but also the technical support for their design-in.