Littlefuse - Automotive sensors, Fuse Blocks and holders, Capacitors, Magnetic sensors...

Westcode - Diodes, IGBTs, Stacks, Thyristors, Thyristor modules

Amphenol - industrial connectors, audio, boradband communication

Binder - circular industrial connectors

Junior - Heatsinks

DEGSON - DIN rail Terminal blocks

FLEXA - is a German based leading global manufacturer for premium cable protection systems.

CORTEM -  manufacturer of explosion-proof electrical equipment for areas with risk of explosion and fire.

LEM - current monitoring sensors for automotive battery management, EV chargers, Smart grid, Welding...

APEM -Switches, buttons, LED indicators, Joysticks

Bopla -plastic and metal enclosures different sizes, membrane keypades

Bussman - fuses and fuse holders

CMP - Atex cable glands and cable cleats

PIC GmbH - Reed and Hall based sensor solutions

Gruner - relays, actuators, solenoids