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ProBloc B Features

  • Location of use: Sub-distribution boards
  • Protective elements: MOV and GDT
  • Industry standard DIN rail design
  • Available in a wide variety of operating voltages
  • Solutions for Class I and Class II locations (IEC)
  • Solutions for Type 1 and Type 2 locations (EN)
  • AC solutions available up to 320V
  • Certified to IEC 61643-11
  • Visual fault indication and remote signaling options

ProBloc B 1000 DC Features

  • Compact design
  • UL Type 2 CA certified
  • Nominal discharge current (8/20 microseconds) is 20kA per conductor
  • Pulse current is 6.25kA per conductor
  • Innovative disconnecting device with a rotating mechanism that can be used to safely extinguish a switching arc
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