piletic Ltd. is a representative

of the producers of different electronic and electromechanical components and the distributor of these in the field of Croatia, Slovenia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Srbia, Montenegro, and Macedonia.


piletic Ltd. has started as a one-man firm before 1990.

as distributer of electronic and electromechanical components. War and after war years in ex-Yugoslavia Piletic Ltd. survived according to supply of original, and always diversifying products, as well as standard products although the concurrence was strong as Croatia and other ex-Yugoslavian republics are the new emerging markets.


Office in Slovenia is established!

Piletić Elektronik

trgovina in zastopstvo d.o.o.

Letališka cesta 27

SI-1000 Ljubljana



Office in Serbia is established!

Piletić d.o.o. Beograd

Dinarska 14

11000 Beograd



we are focused on following applications:

mobile telephony, WDSC, tunnelling (antennas, coaxial cables, connectors and complete cable assemblies and cable entry systems (CES))

-telecommunications (over-voltage protection and data and signal transmission) -

- measurement and measurement equipment (electricity meters etc.)

- regulatory techniques


piletic Ltd. provides customers not only a wide range of products but also the technical support for their design-in.


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